More Than a T-Shirt

Yesterday I had a conversation about salvation with a good friend of mine.
Throughout the course of our conversation some questions surfaced….

What exactly is a new creature?
When do I become a new creature?
Is there some sort of t-shirt I can buy that states I am a new creature?

This conversation was about the genesis of salvation.
What exactly happens when salvation begins?
When DOES salvation begin?
Is it at the end of a prayer?

We put so much emphasis on that prayer… but really…
what role does that prayer play in our salvation?
The Bible answers many of these questions… but even still…
why is it in our nature to question someone’s salvation?

I  have said before that I believe if a man were to start walking down the isle to receive Christ
and had a heart attack and died…that he would wake up in heaven.
He had already made his decision… he believed… he was going forward to say a prayer.

The problem is we are not God.
We cannot see intentions.
We cannot know a persons heart.
I mean… I even struggle to know my own heart some times… let alone someone else’s.

Philippians 1:6 says…
And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

Salvation is something that God works in us.
When I was almost 5 years old I believed and said a prayer.
I believe that is when my salvation began… did I understand everything?
Not a chance… because truth is… I still don’t.

Romans 8  tells us what it means to live by the Spirit.
I believe this is a huge help in understanding salvation.
To be truly “saved”… I must put away my sinful nature.
To put away means… to not be controlled by… period.
The problem is… we are all sinful in nature.
How many people do I actually know that puts off their sinful nature?
Not many.

I can probably count on one hand… the number of people that I have known…
that have said a prayer… and walked away not being controlled by their sinful nature.
Salvation is a process.
God is gracious enough to allow the process to take place.
We should be gracious enough to allow the same courtesy.

Where are you at in your salvation process?
Do you struggle with this as much as I do?

Don’t procrastinate allowing the salvation process… in your life… as well as the lives of others. 

More Than a T-Shirt

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