Thoughts on Conversation

In my line of work… sometimes… conversation gets a bad wrap.
Most ministers say… “the only conversation you need to have is with The Word of God”.
But still… I have to ask the question why?

Conversation strengthens.
Conversation nurtures.
Conversation educates.

Conversation works… even when two people walk away disagreeing.
This is why I choose to encourage conversation… even when I don’t fully agree.

I think social media has had a huge role in encouraging conversation.
But with that said… social media has also caused a lot of fights.
I have to be careful in conversation… especially when I am on Facebook.

I have a desire to be a shinning light to a dark world…
but sometimes my shinning light blinds people standing in darkness.
When it does that… it’s no good… they are still blind… still in darkness.
What good has conversation done then?

I want to simply encourage conversation… but I also must give a warning…
don’t use your opinion to be a bully.
Christians often get a bad wrap for using that Bible as a bully.
Call me crazy… but I don’t think God intended for us to do that.
The Bible speaks for itself.  It’s a hard book.  It doesn’t need me to strengthen the blow.

Allow grace in your conversation.
Just because it’s a conversation doesn’t mean you have to change your mind.
It just means you have to allow growth.

The Bible puts it this way…

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. 

Let’s sharpen each other with conversation.
It’s better that way.

Don’t procrastinate conversation.
But remember to be gracious.

What conversations are you having?
How have you grown in your conversation today?

Thoughts on Conversation

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