No Other Love Like This….

I was doing some studying… thinking… searching for an upcoming series I’m doing.
It’s a series on love.
I’m not certain on what I am going to call it yet.
But as I was searching through Scripture today something hit me like a ton of bricks.

Unfailing Love.
Something that ONLY God offers.
It’s the purest form of love that exists.

People today search for love in all kinds of places.
All of them fail.

People fail.
That’s just the way that it is.
It’s a result of our choices that we all have made.

God is the only source for love that never fails.
The writer of Psalms understood this.
Check this out….

And if you notice… there are even a few verses missing.
All of these verses from the book of Psalm about God’s Unfailing Love.

I didn’t want to have a blog post that was nothing but screen shots.
But I wanted you to get my point.
The Psalmist… most of them written by King David… understood what unfailing was.
Do you?

Has love failed you?
Where have you been looking for love?
Have you looked to the only source that offers love that never fails? 

Stop procrastinating God’s Love… and He won’t procrastinate loving you.

No Other Love Like This….

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