Sheep and Shepherds


Matthew 9:36
When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

I’ve thought a lot about Jesus’ comparison to people and sheep lately.
Matthew says that Jesus had compassion on them because they were confused… helpless… lost.

Do you ever feel confused… helpless… and lost?
We need a shepherd.
The Bible calls Jesus The Good Shepherd.
I would like to call Him the Ultimate Shepherd… the Top Dog… The Creme Dela Creme.
He is all we need.

However… the word “pastor” is given to leaders of the church for a reason.
The word “pastor” is of latin origin… meaning… shepherd.

God has appointed pastors to lead sheep.
Sheep that are confused… helpless… and lost.

This is not a knock on the people of the church.
They were the very reason Jesus had compassion.

This is a call.
A call to pastors.
A call to people.

Pastors… lead your people.
They are confused.
They are helpless.
They are lost.
Have compassion for them.
Get dirty with them.
Care for them.
Teach them.
Be honest with them.
Have your gut checked every once in awhile.

People… follow your pastor.
Don’t mistake another sheep for the shepherd.
Assist your pastor.
Support your pastor.
Inform him of wolves that are in the pack.

 The Bride of Christ is precious.
It is made up of sheep… and shepherds.
They need each other.
But most importantly… they need the Ultimate Shepherd… the Son of God… the Prince of Peace… Jesus Christ.
It truly is a beautiful thing.

Pastors… don’t procrastinate leading.
People… don’t procrastinate following.
Church… don’t procrastinate seeking… Jesus.

Pastors… what can your sheep do for you to help you lead?

People… what can your shepherd do to assist you?

Sheep and Shepherds

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