No Longer Numb

Disobeying God.
It hurts.

The problem with sin these days….
It doesn’t break us.

Today I was reading Peter’s denial.
I read this….

Luke 22:62 -And Peter left the courtyard, weeping bitterly.

Peter’s sin… broke him.
I am sure he wanted to bury is head in the sand.
He was ashamed of his sin.
He was hurt by his sin.

We have become accustomed to pain.
We are numb human beings.
Our pain no longer motivates us.
It no longer breaks us.
It’s a part of our routine.
We like routine.
Therefore we never change.

Peter’s sin brought him a great amount of pain.
So much so… he wept… bitterly.

Does your sin cause you pain?
When was the last time you wanted to bury your head in the sand because of your sin?

When you get comfortable in your sin… you live selfishly.
Try living for today by allowing your sin to break you.
Then confess it…. so you can change today and live better tomorrow.

No Longer Numb

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