My Letter from Snooki

This past weekend my wife had to be out of town.
She’s got a huge test coming up… State Boards.
When she is done she will be a licensed RN in the state of Illinois.
I’m proud of her.

While she was away…
My baby girl went from Princess to Snooki.

She got mad at me.
I had disciplined her for something that she had done.
She didn’t like it.
So much so that she wrote me a letter.

As you can tell it wasn’t a love letter.
After opening up this letter I went into the same room she was in.
She walked out.
Then she said…
“Come on Graham”.
She was turning her little brother against me as well.

I told her mom about the days events over the phone.
Her response,”Geez… we better get this kid straightened out or she may end up on 16 and Pregnant.
My response to her… “Or even worse… JERSEY SHORE!
The rest of the weekend my wife and her friend referred to Anna as Snooki.
Here’s hoping the nickname doesn’t stick.

When Anna left the room I had a choice to make…
I could ignore her and get back to what I was doing.
Or I could pursue her.
I chose to pursued her.
Our relationship is too valuable.
I communicated to her.
I loved her.
She… got over it.

It’s funny the things we learn from our children…

The Bible tells us to “Cast our on Him for He cares for us.”
When my little girl brought me the letter above…
she was expressing her feelings.
In her own little way… she was casting her cares on me.
It was up to me to respond.
It’s the same way with God.
When we cast our cares on Him…
It’s up to Him to respond…
and He does.
Every time.
Even if we don’t like the way He does.

God pursues us… even when we don’t want Him to.
He communicates to us.
He loves us.
As a result… we get over it.

His love is greater than our disappointment that always soothes the pain.

When was the last time you really casted your cares on God?

When we cast our cares on Him… it enables us to Liver for Today.

My Letter from Snooki

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