I don’t like to take risks.
Well… not risks in the sense of the above picture.
Truth be told… I have a fear of heights…
Fear of snakes…
Fear of failure.

Fear keeps us from doing a lot of things.
Because of my fear of heights…
I probably won’t be going skydiving anytime soon.

But there is a risk that we all take everyday.
A risk that fear can cripple us from taking if we allow it.
Relationships… not only romantic relationships… but everyday relationships.

Relationships are risky.
Think about it.
When I was in high school I moved… 4 times.
With each move I left behind relationships.
Relationships end.

All result in broken friendships.

We fear loneliness.
But yet we fear initial interaction.
What if I say something stupid?
What if I do something stupid?
They won’t like me.

One fear results in the other fear.
The fear of investing in people’s lives often leads us to the very thing many of us fear…

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24 that people would hate them.
I believe with my whole heart that when He did…
He was prepared to lose some of them.
But He didn’t.  They stayed.

Prior to telling them that people would hate them He tells them to love their neighbor.
After He tells them people will hate them… He tells them to make disciples.
Was Jesus setting His friends up for failure?

Jesus had already given them all they would need.
Over Death.
Over Satan.
Over Fear.

Don’t allow your fear to be your excuse for procrastination.
Get out there and make new friends.
Start new relationships.
They’re worth it.

What often cripples you from beginning new friendships?

Jesus has given you all you need.
Live in it.


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