You Have all that You Need

Since I started blogging my brain has gotten more cluttered.
Cluttered with ideas.
It’s a good thing.

Today I was going to spew out one of those ideas in the form of a blog post.
But then I found this….

Do yourself a favor and look up more of David Bowden’s poetry sometime.
It’s good stuff.
Check out his website.
Check out his organization called Give A Goat.
David is more than about poetry.
He’s about living a life of influence.
Give a Goat is an organization providing a solution to poverty in the Philippines one goat at a time.

As leader…
the video above brought tears to my eyes.

Leaders… you have all that you need because of Jesus.
Stop wasting it away.
Stop the excuses.
Begin to lead with influence.
The influence of Jesus Christ.

Who is leading your family?
Who is leading your ministry?
Who is leading your influence?

Let’s not procrastinate the influence that God has given us through His Son.
Get out there and change the world.

You Have all that You Need

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