More than Man’s Best Friend

Every man has a desire to be faithful.
All the single ladies may disagree… but trust me ladies… men… they want to be faithful.
It’s in their hearts… God is faithful… God has created us in His image… His image of faithfulness.

Here’s part of the problem…
This is what we think of when we think of faithfulness…

This is a picture of my son… Graham… and our dog… Braylin.
She’s the coolest dog on the block.
She’s faithful.
Dog’s walk down the street… we tell her to stay put… she listens… most of the time.
Graham pulls and tugs on her ears… rides her like a horse… and cuddles her like the picture above… and she loves it.
She is a faithful friend… to my son… my daughter… my wife… and myself.

Some time when you have a the time… go to google images and type in “Faithful Friend”.
Check out how many pictures of dogs come up.
Maybe part of our problem as men is our idea of a “faithful friend” is a dog.
Here’s a hint men… women aren’t looking for dogs.
They want someone to be faithful.

Instead of the picture above… our idea of faithfulness should be this…

Recently in the state of Iowa… a couple that had been married for 72 years died… while holding hands.
Have I seen this before?
I swear I’ve seen a movie about this… ahh… yes… The Notebook.
You know why people fell in love with that movie?  Okay… you know why ladies fell in love with that movie?
It was a movie that illustrated faithfulness… well… for the most part.

Jesus told a story about a man that did everything that he could with the talents that were given to him.
At the conclusion of that story… the master looks at the slave and says… “well done… my good and faithful servant.”
God is looking for servants that will be faithful.
He wants us to be faithful… because he created us to be faithful.

Being faithful means so many things.
Being faithful means… being pure.
Being faithful means… working hard.
Being faithful means… being trustworthy.
Being faithful means…. being approachable.
Being faithful means… standing up for what is right.

These are just a few things that I think of when I think of faithfulness.
What does being faithful look like for you?

I hope when people look at you they say that you’re faithful.
I hope that you give them reason to believe in you.

When was the last time someone demonstrated to you faithfulness?
What did they do to illustrate faithfulness?

More than Man’s Best Friend

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