We Are People of The Second Chance

It’s Amazing.
It’s Enough.
It’s  Beautiful.
And it’s Saving.

These are all words that can be found in songs about grace.
People like grace. Grace is a second chance.  Grace a chance to live again.
The problem with grace is that we we would rather receive it than give it.
Grace is enough… for me.
Grace is amazing… for me.
Grace is beautiful… for me.
Grace is saving… for me.

But for you… grace is difficult.
For you… grace is too much.
For you… grace is dark.
For you… grace can’t be trusted.

These are all excuses we make to not give grace.
These are all walls we hide behind.
These are all reasons not to love.
These are all wrong.

The picture above is from an organization that I want to plug today.
People of the Second Chance.  POTSC 
I have one of their t-shirts.
It begins conversations every time I wear it.
“What is people of the second chance?”
My response… “we all are”.

You see… these excuses for not showing grace to others… they’re unfair… wrong… and ignorant.
Because we all desire grace.
We all desire a second chance.
So… why do we not always give it to others?
It’s difficult.
It’s too much.
It’s dark.
It can’t be trusted.

But that’s the beauty of God’s grace.
It’s inexplicable.
It’s unconditional.
It’s incredible.
It’s unending.

We all fail.
That’s why we all need a second chance.
On POTSC I read a quote by Jarrid Wilson.
“The beautiful  thing behind failure, is that it’s the first step in finding a second chance.”
Don’t be afraid to find your second chance… then share it with someone else.

We all fail.
Don’t procrastinate grace.
God didn’t procrastinate grace with us.
Why should we procrastinate grace with others?

What is the most difficult thing about extending grace to others?

We Are People of The Second Chance

One thought on “We Are People of The Second Chance

  1. I think that we procrastinate grace to others because we wait for it to happen to us. If it nobody shows us grace, we think, why should we show others grace? It’s like a catch 22. Thanks for posting! Very inspiring words.

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