See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole is an annual event.  It has a really neat history.  Read about it here.
Today… students gathered around flag poles all over the country.
It’s a good thing. Gather. Pray. Worship. Before school.

Every year See You At the Pole… the organization… puts together a theme.
This years theme was Converge. Converge means…
to tend to meet in a point or line; incline toward each other,as lines that are not parallel.
This years theme verse was Matthew 18:20.

20Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you. 

This morning’s event was awesome.
It was fresh for me because I was able to take part a new school for me and my ministry.
I look forward to many more See You at the Poles at Centralia High School.
As we seek to reach students for Christ and His Kingdom.

It’s a beautiful thing to know that this morning…
Heaven and earth collided as students converged with The Almighty.
I was able to put together a little video to give you a glimpse at what went on this morning.


Prayer is something that cannot be procrastinated.
It must be done daily.
It must be done constantly.
Constantly converge with the Almighty.
Life’s Better that way.



See You at the Pole

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