The Laundromat of Grace and Mercy

This morning… I got my son dressed for the day.
He has this obsession… basketball shorts.
But not just any basketball shorts… basketball shorts without pockets.
He has a favorite pair. But this morning… they were dirty.
This broke his heart because all he wanted to was wear his favorite basketball shorts.
But they were dirty.

We all have dirty laundry.
We all have a choice in what to do with that dirty laundry.
This morning… Graham had a choice.
He could wear his dirty laundry and pretend it wasn’t dirty.
Or he could wear something that was clean.
I preferred him wearing something that was clean.
But I still gave him that choice… thank goodness… he’s a smart boy.

I believe God prefers us wearing clean laundry.
He says to “be holy… for I am holy.”
But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have our “dirty laundry”.
My first question to you today is… what do you do with your dirty laundry?
Do you wear it and pretend that it’s not dirty?
Or have you taken it to the Laundromat of Grace and Mercy?

My son… needs my help… he needs my help to clean his basketball shorts.
We need each others help with our dirty laundry.
Not to clean our dirty laundry… but to help with our dirty laundry.
It’s God’s job to clean our dirty laundry… not ours… not our friends… not our spouse’s.
His grace is enough to cleanse the world’s dirty laundry.

My second question today is… when others come to you with dirty laundry… what do you do with it?
How do you respond?
Your friend trusted you… not to clean their laundry… not to share their dirty laundry… but to help carry the load.
Do you respond with grace when your friends bring you their dirty laundry?
Remember… your shorts are dirty too.
Grace is enough to cleanse… not just your friends dirty laundry… but yours too.

When it comes to dirty laundry…. don’t procrastinate grace.

Who do yo have in life to share your dirty laundry with?

The Laundromat of Grace and Mercy

2 thoughts on “The Laundromat of Grace and Mercy

  1. lindsey says:

    Adam that is amazing writing.. you should write stuff like this for mod! Every time you post a new blog i click over right away.. it lifts my heart to read every time.. Thanks

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