Please Excuse My Inner-Child

Saturday night… was epic.  A night that must be blogged about… a night that brought joy to my soul as a fan of the University of Michigan Wolverines.  Please… stick with me.  I realize that not everyone that reads my blog are sports fans… most are not Michigan fans… however… I am both… so pardon me as I allow my inner child to shine in this post.


This was the poster that displayed on the University of Michigan’s athletic website after the game… it’s beautiful.  Almost 115,000 people… all to watch two college football teams that are rich in tradition.

Every since Saturday night’s glorious last minute victory… I’ve been itching to blog about it.  But I wanted to do it justice… the night deserved it.  You see it was the first game at Michigan Stadium that was played at night… ever.  On top of that… the University honored legend… Desmond Howard.  The Athletic Department introduced something called the Legends Patch.  Instead of retiring the number of a Michigan legend… they want that legend to live on.  In order to do so… the number will still be in play… and only that jersey number will have a patch on it. The patch reads “Desmond Howard Michigan Legend 1988 -1991”.

You know how most sequels never live up their expectations?  Well… a lot of times sporting events that are built up to epic proportions never live up to their expectations… however… that was NOT the case Saturday night.  It lived up to every once of expectation… and then some.

With Michigan and Notre Dame wearing “throwback uniforms”… 114,800 people in attendance… ESPN’s College Game Day there earlier in the day… not to mention what has previously been stated in this post… and the proportions for this event leading up to it were astronomical.  How could a football game live up to this hype?  I will tell you how… 35 total points scored in the 4th quarter alone… 3 touchdowns scored in just a minute and 22 seconds… 28 points scored in a come back by Michigan (probably not so excited of ND fans)… over 400 yards total offense by Denard Robinson… and a touchdown catch with 2 seconds on the clock to win it… a catch that if Kirk Herbstreit had  anything to do with it… would not have happened.  With 8 seconds on the clock Kirk Herbstreit (commentator for ABC and former OSU Buckeye) says… “Michigan should just run to the middle of the field… knee the ball… call a time out… and be content to go to overtime.”  When QB Denard Robinson dropped back I am sure Herbstreit was thinking the Michigan coaches were crazy.  But when Roy Roundtree makes this catch….

To win the game 35 to 31 with just 2 seconds left on the clock… the Michigan coaches didn’t look so crazy.

The inner child in me screamed at the top of my lungs only it came out audibly… because the inner child in me forgot that I am a man now… and I actually have children in bed sleeping.  This left my wife pleading with University of Michigan officials via Twitter… “Dear UofM, please don’t schedule anymore games while my children are supposed to be sleeping. #myhusbandisamanchild #goblue”.  She knows me and yet she loves me… yet again one of God’s greatest mysteries.

My brother Billy, was visiting me from Boston… that made the night even more special.  We couldn’t turn off the television.  We wanted to soak up every drop of the moment that we could.  That was when we watch the post game interview with QB Denard Robinson.  How could you not like this kid?  Just listen to the humility…

Then… he showed his personality…

I love that kid.

Will Michigan win a national title this year?  I am going to go out on a limb and say the answer to that question is no.  But for one night… September 10th, 2011… they were kings of the College football world once again.  That… brings joy to my soul.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my inner child.

Go Blue.

Please Excuse My Inner-Child

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