Anna’s Tale of the Traveling Teddy Bear

Friday’s are good days… there is only one thing that I can think of that can make a Friday better than what it is… an Anna Story.

Anna just started Kindergarten. Her teacher is brilliant.
She sends home a red folder every night. One side… papers that stay home… the other side… papers that go back to school.
You would think with such brilliance parents would check the backpacks every night… you would think.
The other night… Anna was in bed… Mommy goes to get her lunch bag out of her “pack pack” as Anna calls it.
In it… Mommy finds… contraband in the form of a teddy bear rockin a Selmaville Rockets Sweater.
The teddy bear looked much like the bear in the picture above.
Tanya instantly thinks… great… our daughter is a thief.  Only to open the brilliant red folder and find a note home.
The note was about the contraband… also known as… the Traveling Teddy Bear.

The note said… this month we’re celebrating the letter “T”.
In order to celebrate the letter “T” every child will get the opportunity to take home the “Traveling Teddy Bear”.
All we ask is that you sit down with your child and ask them these questions.
One problem… Anna is already in bed.  She had forgotten to tell us about the “Traveling Teddy Bear”.
Now… usually Anna has the world’s best memory… the one time she doesn’t… resulted in the worst morning ever… even worse than the morning when she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
The next morning I told her of our findings the night before… I will never forget the look of terror on her face as she yells… NOOOO!!!

My daughter has this obsession… riding the school bus.
It gets me off the hook of dropping her off at school so I allow it… most of the time.
And when its convenient… I say “Anna… if you want to ride the bus… you have to pull yourself together.” Which was my response this time.
Anna says… but I forgot about the teddy bear.
I assured her that it was okay and informed her that Mommy and Daddy answered the questions that we could.
Questions like “Where did the Traveling Bear eat dinner?”  We happened to have Subway.
We didn’t want to risk facing Animal Cruelty time like Michael Vick… so we decided to answer the questions for Anna and lie… the bear was in the “pack pack” all night. (Please forgive us Mrs. Bushue)
There was still one problem… one more question… “What was your favorite thing about having the Traveling Teddy Bear with you?”.
A question that Mommy and Daddy could not answer.
The morning of the worst look I have ever seen on my little angel’s face… I asked her that very question.
My daughter… she’s innocent… something that I wish I could freeze.
Her response to my question… “But dad… he was in my bag… let me forget him at home… my teacher said it would be okay if I did.”
My response… “Anna… other kids need to take the bear home too… besides… you have to ride the bus”.
She says frantically… “Watching movies”.
My response… “But you didn’t watch movies”.
Her response… “But dad… I have to ride the bus… just put watching movies!”
I had confused my little girl… and taught her how to lie… so much for freezing her innocence.

Maybe the title of this post should be “The Parent Fail”… but I thought Anna would get more people to read it.
I wrote on the paper… “Watching movies” and stuck it back into the brilliant red folder.
I failed as a parent.
God really convicted me on my way to work.
I said a prayer for Anna as her bus approached.
“Father… be with Anna today… help her day to get better… in Jesus name Amen”.
That prayer for her… didn’t only get Anna through the day… but it got Daddy through the day.

Proverbs 22:6 teaches parents to train up a child in the way they should go… and when they are old… they will not depart from it.

Good thing it takes longer than a day to train up a child.
Today is a new day.
A new day to live.
A new day to succeed in training up my children in the way they should go… but in order to succeed… I must live for today.

Have you failed recently?

Remember… Today is a new day… live for it.

Anna’s Tale of the Traveling Teddy Bear

One thought on “Anna’s Tale of the Traveling Teddy Bear

  1. elizabeth says:

    of course I’ve had many failing moments as a parent, sister, daughter, friend, coworker…
    It’s that grace that only our Father can provide that allows us to continue. Each time I fail the Lord strongly convicts me of my mistake and I lean on his forgiveness. Sometimes I’m an EGR (Extra Grace Required).

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