What Makes a Coach

Coaching… it’s an art form.  Not everyone can be a coach… but anyone can attempt to be a coach… but it takes something special be become someone’s Coach.  I have men in my life that I will always call Coach.  You know why?  Because they were MY Coach.  I respect them as MY Coach.  Now… everyone else… they may not respect them… but that’s okay… they weren’t coached by them… but I was.

The days of Coach Hayden Fox (pictured above) are long gone.  Now days… Coaching has turned into a social media thing just about like everything else.  Now… we have things called Coaching Networks… filled with Skype calls… emails… personal phone calls… and group sessions.  All for the price ranging from $500 to $1500 per person… per semester or session or whatever the given network chooses to call it. Just go to google.com and type in “Coaching Network”.  If my High School football coach only knew he could get his players to pay that kinda cash… and not have to go through 2 a days,  2 hours of practice every day after school and not have to do this….

I think he would jump ship in a heart beat.

Now… I don’t mean to be a hater.  I know it sounds like I am.  But I’m really not.  Coaches are valuable.  I believe Jesus was a coach.  A coach of 12 men… disciples.  This is why I think the Coaching Networks that do it right… limit the number of attendees.  But I guess my problem with coaching networks comes from the perception of looking like you think you’re the sheezy bo deezy. Don’t get me wrong… most of these dudes… I emphasize MOST of these dudes… that have coaching networks are amazing at what they do.  God has used them in remarkable ways… and they are simply expanding their territory because God has allowed them to do so.  I respect that… as long as its done in humility.

Time is valuable to guys that have it going on.  I mean… most of them have families… others jobs… and other responsibilities.  I respect time.  But Jesus didn’t ask his disciples for a down payment to follow Him… all He asked for was for them to drop their nets… and follow… after He went to them… not after the disciples came to Jesus begging to allow them to follow Him.

Does a coach have to win on the field to be a good coach? My answer to this is no.  My coach… was a good man.  Did he win a ton a championships?  No he didn’t.  Was he a good coach?  Some would argue.  Do I think he was a good coach?  Ya… I do.  Why?  Because he was MY coach.  I went to battle with him.  We won some… we lost some… but we were in it together.  I think this is what a lot of these networks lose.  I can pay someone a million bucks… but does that mean they become my coach?  Not a chance.  It’s the blood… sweat… and tears that we go through TOGETHER that makes someone MY coach.

As I said… I don’t mean to be a hater.  I do mean to start a conversation.

If by chance someone that has their own Coaching Network just happens to read this… please… be someone’s coach by pouring in the blood… sweat… and tears.  Not just Skype sessions and conference calls.

If you are considering joining a coaching network… please… find someone you believe in to be your coach… someone that will bleed with you… sweat with you… and cry with you.

What are your thoughts on Coaching Networks?
The good… bad… and ugly.

Have you ever been a part of a coaching network?  If so… please share with us your experience.

What Makes a Coach

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