The Return of #ConfessionsOfADayOff

My wife beats me…. at everything.  She rocks my socks off… not with just her beauty but with her skill.  That should have been evident when we first played the video game Halo… she kicks my butt at Halo.

Today is my day off… I think it’s time for another #ConfessionOfADayOff and that is it… #ConfessionOfADayOff… My Wife Beats Me At Everything.

We are a competitive family.  We joke around about our family Motto being “Win if you can… Cheat if you must… As long as you win.”  We stole it from the Anthony Milas family.  But it fits us… perfectly.  Well… some of us have to cheat more than others.  But maybe that’s why I claim it as our motto… because it’s me that always has to cheat.

Tonight begins the High School Football season in most states… also known as… Friday Night Lights.

With the kickoff of the football season… I figured that today… I would post a tribute to one of my favorite American Past Times… Competition. Competition teaches us so much about life.  It teaches us to live for today because we have to do our best to win right now.  If time expires with your team not having as many points as the other team… you lose.  Do your best now.

I had a pastor once that talked about kids leagues that didn’t keep score.  He wasn’t a fan.  He took competition to its extreme.  I’m not sure that I feel as strongly as he did about those types of leagues… however… I see his point.  Will I allow my kids to play in a league that does not keep score… absolutely.  Will I teach them to do their best in every game whether or not they keep score?  You better believe it.

There comes a point in competition that you just have to let loose and have fun.

This was Vaughn Bergen from Aruba… his team was losing 20-0… he realized it was time… to let loose and have fun.  But it wasn’t an instant realization.  You see… Vaughn had just come up to bat the previous inning… before his at bat he was in tears.  His dad… one of the Aruba coaches told him… “You’re coming up [to bat] here. Do you want to do it crying or do you want to do it happily?”
Vaughn decided at that point… it was time to let loose and have fun.

Competition teaches you to live for today… but it cannot prevent you from living for today.  There is a fine line there. Vaughn Bergen gave us all a lesson the other day… a lesson in living for today.

How do you feel about those kid’s leagues that do not keep score?

What is a lesson that you have learned from competition?

Please share.



The Return of #ConfessionsOfADayOff

One thought on “The Return of #ConfessionsOfADayOff

  1. Jenna Hilgers says:

    I think not keeping score does NOTHING for kids. Yes it may give an ego boost in the moment to the kids, coaches, parents, etc but in the LONG TERM it just teaches kids that you don’t have to put your best foot forward because everyone is even in the end. That’s just one reason our country is in such financial trouble, we have made the playing field too even for everyone. We aren’t ‘keeping score’ anymore or taking responsibility for our actions.

    Now I’m not saying to kick to the curb all good deeds and equality, but I am saying that healthy dose of competition gives kids the urge to do their absolute BEST and that will give them a bigger confidence boost in the long term. Now this could all be due to the fact that our family motto is “Hilgers are winners” 😉

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