Who is your “least of these”?

This picture rips my heart out like Will and Jaden Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness.
I hate that movie.  Great movie.
I hate it. It rips my heart out.

Jesus said…
“… when you refused to help the least of these… you refused to help me.” – Matthew 25:45

In Matthew 14:14 the Bible says that when Jesus saw the huge crowd… he was moved with compassion.
Compassion leads to action… so Jesus healed their sick.

I met a lady yesterday that inspired me. I didn’t get her name.
But I got her kid’s names… Daniel… Sam… Kevin… and Rehab.
This lady has compassion to her “least of these”.
She adopts kids with special needs.  Kevin had downs syndrome.  Sam was severely autistic.
She adopted them because they had a need… love.

Who is your “least of these”?
How are you moving with compassion towards them?

We can’t procrastinate taking care of “the least of these”.

Stop putting off compassion… live for today.

Who is your “least of these”?

4 thoughts on “Who is your “least of these”?

  1. Good one Son! The other day when I was at the dr, he prayed for me and in his prayer he prayed for me to remember that taking care of your Pop is like doing it for Jesus. Ouch! It was a good reminder for when I get weary.
    I love you and I’m proud of you and your tender heart.

  2. Dude, you’re laying down some great thoughts also! I’m probably (definitely) going to re-post this for you later this week. Thanks for being transparent.

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