Extended Stay El Salvador

The picture above was taken last Saturday… one week ago today.  The activity… my kid’s favorite thing to do on the computer and it’s not playing Angry Birds believe it or not.  It’s talking to their grandparents on the computer.  Usually it’s talking to Papa and Ghee in Boston.  This case it was talking to Paw Paw in El Salvador.  Papa and Ghee are Tanya’s parents… Paw Paw and Maw Maw are my parents… neither of which are very proud of those names. (sarcasm)

The instance above was a very special occasion… because no one in our family had ever been to El Salvador before… no one had especially ever been in a hospital in El Salvador before.  That’s right… my Pop was in the hospital in El Salvador just last Saturday.  Here’s the picture to prove it:

I love this picture because it looks like my dad and I are both looking at the same thing.  Only he is in another country. I’m sure we were both looking at televisions… I know that’s what I was looking at.  That little arm next to my head is his grandson… trying to get in the best place to see his grandpa.  He succeeded.

My dad was scheduled to fly home to the States on Saturday… only he fell… shattered his leg… and ended up in the hospital.  He chose to have surgery there in stead of flying home to have surgery.  Turns out the doctor said that was a good decision because it prevented infection and all that junk… real technical terms I’m using here I know. If it’s technical medical terms you are looking for then head over to Percolating Projects. I hear that chick is about to graduate nursing school in December. Although I do not believe she has written anything about her father-in-law’s tumble in El Salvador. Her blog is more purpose driven than mine.

My dad had gone to El Salvador with 9 other ministers from the state of Illinois to help out some churches there.  God moved. People were saved. People were baptized. All because 10 men gave up there time and comfort in the United States.  I’m proud of my dad.  He lives a pretty comfortable life… not in a bad way… in a good way.  But he gave up that comfort for 10 days to go minister.  That’s something to be proud of.

It just so happens that my dad has always had a bum knee… he messed it up in high school. Due to his bum knee… he tumbles… very ungracefully.  Wax on the floor will get him every time.  This time it was no different.  But the thing that I love about my dad is that he doesn’t use his bum knee as an excuse… he still does things like go to El Salvador because he knows the need is too great.  The need to share the Good News with others.  That’s what we exist to do.  My dad was simply fulfilling his purpose.  It just so happens God thought he needed a little more time there so God granted him got an extended stay in El Salvador and Graham and I got to see more of the country side…

Thank you technology for allowing my kids and I make a hospital visit in El Salvador without the cost of the plane ticket… passport… visa… and customs.

Don’t procrastinate your purpose. Figure it out… and do it.  Life’s better that way.

What is your purpose?  Please share with us how you are fulfilling it.

Extended Stay El Salvador

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