Take A Stand… A Patriotic Post

I’m not sure what it is… but I never feel more patriotic than when I am sitting under a dark sky that is illuminated by the explosion of fireworks and I look to my right or to my left and see the twinkle in my kid’s eyes. Their face… that glow… their expression must be more explosive than the fireworks.  How do I know?  Because I would rather watch them than the fireworks.

If you are a parent I think you know the feeling.  I had not experienced this until I became a parent… but once I did… I felt more American.  I know… I know… being a parent doesn’t really have anything to do with being American or vise versa.  I agree… however… neither do fireworks in and of themselves… but when you light fireworks on or around the 4th of July… they become American.

Our church just hosted it’s 5th Annual Fireworks Extravaganza… and an Extravaganza it was.  Seriously… no offense to any of the fireworks displays that I have been to in recent years… but this display of fireworks was the best that I have seen since I was a kid watching them on the riverfront in Ft.Wayne, Indiana.  One thing that I noticed this year was any time fireworks can be accompanied by music… it’s a winning combination.

I believe in the separation of Church and State… except for on the Fourth of July… I believe then… it becomes our duty as a church to show America what true patriotism really is.  I’d like to think that last night… our church did that.  Religion wasn’t forced on anyone… that’s not patriotic.  However… everyone there knew what we stood for… that is what patriotism is all about.  Taking a stand.  To be patriotic… you have to take a stand… a stand for freedom… a stand for America.

Don’t procrastinate patriotism.

Take a stand… for freedom.

What are you looking forward to most this 4th of July?

Take A Stand… A Patriotic Post

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