From Ties to Tattoos

When I was a kid I think the majority of the gifts that I gave my dad were neckties for Father’s Day.  These days kids get there dads… tattoos?   Well okay so maybe it’s Mamas that want their Daddy’s to stay hip.  So… my wife… in her desire to keep me cool wanted me to get some ink for Father’s day this year.  So… off we went.

If you’re getting a tattoo for Father’s Day it’s only appropriate that it is from a place called Daddy O’s. The guys there were really cool.  A few years ago Tanya got a tattoo done there for her birthday. It’s a nice clean shop with a vintage feel to it. We went in and I presented my idea / design.  The word “love” in 3 languages… Latin, Greek (Agape Love), and English with a drop of blood coming down from the word agape in greek letters.  I was going to do Latin, Greek, and Hebrew for 3 of the 4 languages the Bible was written in but then I found this website and chickened out… in case you don’t want to click on the link… it’s called

Dave the artist ended up moving it over a little bit to the right. But then we were off…

I had been procrastinating getting this tattoo done for almost 4 years ago.  Allow me to explain… I was introduced to the organization To Write Love on Her Arms by another youth pastor friend of mine when I saw him wearing a t-shirt in a picture on his Facebook page.  You can learn more about them here .  This organization helps kids with depression and cutting so I always thought it would be cool to have the word “love” tattooed on my arms but I wanted to do it in a different way… so I thought about agape love… the love that ONLY God has for us… unconditional divine love… the most beautiful of all if you ask me.  The design has changed multiple times… the idea has not.  I decided not to get it for the longest time due to traditional churches that I have been involved in.  I always want to be respectful to them and never want a tattoo to keep me from doing what God has called me to do… But then… I got a job at a church where tattoos are respected…. where they are open to people with tattoos of all kinds… especially to tattoos that share your faith.  Then… Nick passed away.  I thought… if there is a time as good as any… it’s now.  Maybe… I will have even more opportunity to share my faith now because of this time… so… I went for it… for Father’s Day.

Last night at the mall… I got to share my faith… it was in Footlocker… because a guy asked me if I had picked out my Father’s Day present yet… I showed him my ink.  Maybe… one day… someone will put their faith in Jesus because of it… maybe not. Either way… I will always remember Father’s Day 2011.  Here is the finished product…

Do you have any ink?  If so… what is it?

From Ties to Tattoos

8 thoughts on “From Ties to Tattoos

  1. Thats awesome Adam but what do you think of people that tell you tatoos don’t hurt. I like the symbols you are truelly an inspiration to our kids I always respected tats, mine is hidden

  2. When they say they don’t hurt they are LYING! It wasn’t the most painful thing in the world (cough:birthedtwochildren:cough) but it wasn’t as fun as….eating cotton candy?!? I would do it again in a heart beat. I love the tats that have a lot of thought behind them, and especially the ones that are designed by you or someone you love!

  3. Lynnsey Bookhout says:

    I have two!! One is on my foot…it was a rebel-against-my-parents-because-i-graduated-high-school thing…i kinda wish i didn’t have it now, but it’s just the size of a quarter and is a purple flower, so oh well!! My other one is much more meaningful and the owner of daddyo’s did it. I had it drawn up multiple times and it was never good enough. And the day that i got it, it was the same way…and the owner heard me saying i was just going to wait, and i guess he didn’t want to lose my business, because he said he would do it.

    My tattoo is a “#11” with a red heart under it. It’s in memory of one of my best friends that got killed in a car wreck the summer after our senior year. It’s his football number. Now every time someone asks about it, I tell them the story and they apologize for asking. But I love when someone asks because I can proudly talk about one of the best people I have ever known. If i didn’t want people to ask about it, I would have hidden it!!

    I love yours, Adam!!! It looks really great!

    1. Lynnsey-

      Thank you very much for your comment. I saw the #11 on your wrist. The Brandon Jones accident was so sad. Its pretty cool how the community seemed to have rallied behind his family. His parents are super sweet people. Your tribute to him on your wrist is very special. I have no problem with those types of tattoos. I think we should hold on to the memories that we have of the ones we’ve lost but at the same time not allow it to paralyze the way we live today. There’s a balance… but I believe the people that we’ve loved that have gone on would want it that way.

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