Some Times I Wish…

Some people were procrastinators.
Today my wife sent me a text message at work that said…. “Hey can I call you with a funny story?”  So since I was at the main branch and had no service… I picked up the phone and called her. (I hope that’s not against the rules… but believe me… had I thought it was… I would not have done it).

So here is what my wife tells me over the phone… “I had these ladies knock on the door today… and they were really southern.” It doesn’t take much for my wife to call someone “southern”… she’s from Boston… they think everyone is Southern. The conversation continued… “The lady said that her husband was preaching at a revival at a Baptist Church in town and then she invited us out.  Then she said… do you have Jesus in your heart?  So of course I told her that my husband was a baptist youth minister in town and now he is at an inner-denominational church in Centralia.” Then my wife laughed and said… “Then she said… SO… do you have Jesus in your heart?”

I gotta hand it to these ladies… they was had a mission… and a good great mission at that… my only question is their approach.  If I feel like running and hiding when I have a knock at my door b/c when I look through the peep hole I see two “southern ladies” with a Bible in their hand, thats probably not a good thing… AND I’M A PASTOR. …   I’m not 100% sure why this is.  I just think that it’s old school or that it’s irrelevant… people don’t want to be bothered at home.  Or  may two guys in white button up dress shirts with a black tie with black slacks… black shoes… and most likely… white socks… ruined it for everyone else. Let me tell ya…I did not get the picture above off of the Best Buy website.

This approach to evangelism doesn’t seem to work any more… in fact… it seems to have the opposite effect.

So… what approaches to evangelism do you take?

If you are not a Christian… and you were going to “tolerate” someone proselytizing… what approach would you listen to?





Some Times I Wish…

One thought on “Some Times I Wish…

  1. I don’t really mind any type of evangelism so long as it comes with the willingness to listen. I think listening earns you the right to speak.

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