Forever Grateful

With today being Memorial Day… there is a ton that is going on that I could blog about… both around us… and in my own personal life.  How does one choose what to write about on a day like today?

First… there’s the thankfulness that I have to be an American on a day like today… I’m seriously resisting the urge to post a God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood video… so here is a link to one instead.  I have many friends that have served our country and some that are currently serving… for them I am forever grateful… so grateful that I could never do them justice.

My second option is to write my blog as a Michigan fan today… celebrating the resignation of a man that was 9-1 against the University of Michigan over the past 10 years at Ohio State University…but I don’t want to celebrate at the misfortune of others… even if they do wear scarlet and gray.  Yeah, I am glad to see Jim Tressel go… but I didn’t want it to happen like this… even if it will send the University in a downward spiral for awhile.  I wanted it to happen because Michigan had finally built a program that he couldn’t be… one could dream right?

The third option was Oprah’s final episode… but really… I don’t care.

Finally… there is my personal life… and really… that’s usually pretty boring… but not lately.  Yesterday was my first day at a new church as their youth pastor.  We are pretty excited about this opportunity… although it has been a bittersweet. I am now the youth pastor at Orchardville Church Centralia Branch.  We’re pretty excited about this opportunity that we believe is a gift from God.  We love where God has had us for the past 3 years… and we will miss our friends… however… we believe that God has called us to new challenges to reach His Kingdom… and for that we are always forever grateful.

Please check out this little video that the Herald’s put together to introduce ourselves to our new students last night… Maybe you will learn something about us that you didn’t know.

As a procrastinator… what things do you find yourself being grateful for as you daydream?

Forever Grateful

2 thoughts on “Forever Grateful

  1. Susan says:

    Today, and every day, I am thankful for my family. I am so blessed. I am thankful, as you are, to live in the counry that we live in. We too often take our freedoms for granted…forgetting that people sacrificed a great deal so that we could have them. I, like you, am thankful for my church. 5th Sundays at our church are always done by the youth of our church, and this past Sunday our congregation was SO blessed!!
    Oprah…well, you said it all…
    Have a great week, ad best wishes in your new church home.
    P.S. The video…almost makes me want to have a teenager again so they could be a part of your ministry. (I said ALMOST!!!)

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