A Procrastinator’s Dream

So for Christmas this last year I told my wife that I would help her build her dream bed.  I printed out a gift certificate and everything.  I even bought her this sweet lookin pink tool belt and pink measuring tape… you know… to make her feel all girly and stuff.

As you can see… that’s not me sitting next to my hottie in her aviators and pink tool belt.  That man is Raymond Gelo… my favorite father-in-law.  He’s the best.  If there is any man in the world that can work on a project with my wife that I said I would do… it’s him.  Besides… someone had to work to pay for this project right?  So… see… I did help.  AND are you ready for the best part?  This beast of a new bed that they built… only cost a whoppin $170.  It’s pretty much the same thing as this bed at Pottery Barn… notice the price tag on that puppy… $1,399!  Ya… my wife and her pops ” killed it” as the kids say these days. AND… ours is custom made… just for us.

Here is the Before and After of our bedroom:
I think you can see why I am proud of my virtuous woman.  She’s a Procrastinator’s Dream… She pushes me to be better than I am… She challenges me to be more of a man than I think I am… She completes me in ways that I had no idea I lacked but I am so glad I know now… She makes me a better father… She makes me less of a Procrastinator.  She encourages me to Live for Today.

I love my wife.  I am so proud of her. You can read more about this little Percolating Project on her blog… check it out.

What / who encourages you to be less of a procrastinator?

A Procrastinator’s Dream

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