Here’s Your Sign… PART 2

Yesterday I wrote about ways that God speaks to us.  When I wrote that… I had no idea that it would turn into a 2 part post… but it did… this morning… as I was doing my daily reading… Numbers 22.

In Numbers 22:21-41 God uses a man named Balaam’s donkey to speak to him. I imagined it went something like this…

Okay so I doubt Balaam’s donkey said anything about “Gotta Try A Little Tenderness”.  But he did bash Balaam up against the wall a couple of times.

Here’s the point… when God wants to speak to you… He’s gonna get your attention.  Even if He has to use a donkey to do it.

What is it that God has been trying to get your attention about that you have been procrastinating your obedience?

Live For Today… Obey Him.

Here’s Your Sign… PART 2

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