Bittersweet Moments

Who is the man in this picture holding the hand of the royal princess Kate Middleton?  Well… it’s her father… Michael Middleton.  In this picture… he prepares to give his daughter away… to a prince.

Now every father doesn’t have the privilege of giving his daughter away to a prince. However, every father does not have to give his daughter away while the whole world watches either.  I’ve got props for Mike.  He managed to give his daughter away while the world watched and you probably didn’t hear a word about him until now.  That bittersweet moment could not have been any more bitter or any more sweet for him as it is for any father of the bride.  It’s always a tough pill to swallow giving your baby girl away and yet witnessing her dreams come true is like a spoon full of sugar.

Bittersweet moments in life… graduating high school… watching your kids graduate high school… finding out your wife is pregnant when you don’t know if you’re ready to be a parent… the loss of a loved one that was a dear old saint that you know is in a better place… and changing jobs.

At some point in life… we all experience bittersweet moments.  My family and I are in the midst of a bittersweet moment.  Of all the bitter sweet moments list above… we are experiencing one of them… can you guess which one… I will give you a clue… Anna is NOT getting married or graduating high school…  however… I am changing jobs.

I have recently accepted the youth pastor position at Orchardville Church Centralia Branch.  While I am very excited for the new opportunities and challenges ahead of me… I am still very sad to be leaving my church family at Salem First Baptist Church.  The fact that we will not have to sell our house is helping us get through this process.  We cannot be more pleased that God has opened a door for us to be able to continue to minister in and around Salem.  To God be the  Glory.

This change is happening rather quickly.  Our utmost desire is to do this in a Godly manner.  We do NOT want to offend anyone.  If you are finding this out via this post and wish that I had contacted you personally… please know that I am sorry.  It is very difficult to see everyone to inform them personally… I hope you understand.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

What are some bittersweet moments in life that you have experienced?  Please Share.

Bittersweet Moments

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