Would God Drive a Hybrid?

My in-laws are in town… they drive a Hybrid.  They drive a Hybrid for the gas mileage… not because they want to save the planet… wait… I’m sure they want to save the planet… but I think you know what I mean.  That’s kinda the purpose of this post.

In this post I want to write briefly on the response most Christians seem to have to “Tree Huggers”.   Come on… if you’re a Christian… you’ve probably thought to yourself at one time or another that people that are “green” are hugging trees in their spare time.  Or how about all people that eat organic food are hippies?  Or that people that believe in “Global Warming” are “Al Gore Whack Jobs”?

Let’s face it… most Christians response to people that have the conviction to “Save the Planet” is not a very  Godly one.  Regardless of if you believe in “Global Warming” or not… you should still love your neighbor… even if they live in the most eco-friendly house on the block.

Here  is brief interview with author Jonathan Merritt about his book entitled Green Like God.  The interview itself was eye opening for me… I have yet to read the book.  I just think that it is time for Christians to start thinking about what their response should be to the “Green Movement”.   I mean really… if people that believe God created the earth aren’t concerned about taking care of the earth… what does that say about how they feel about the God that they believe created it?

I admit… I’m not the greenest person on my block.  I need to do better.  I should probably recycle… but my town could probably do a better job at encouraging people to recycle.  Bad excuse… I know.

Would God drive a Hybrid?  I don’t know… but I know He would love those “Al Gore Whack Jobs”.

Do you recycle?  Why or why not?

Would God Drive a Hybrid?

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