Runnin’ On Island Time

I’ve never really had the privilege of going to the islands… any island for that matter.  However… it can be said that I do run on Island Time.

I’ve had friends go to the Caribbean… some for vacation… some for missions trips.  Whichever reason they went for they always came back talking about “island time”.  When the describe it all I can think of is how much I wish I could run on island time and get away with it.  You see… I do run on island time… but many  it get’s me in trouble. If for any other reason… my wife hates it.  She hates to be late.  She’s a “type A” I’m a “type B” all the way.  It’s funny to see how much my kids are both type A and type B.  It will be interesting to see how they shape up as they mature.  My prediction is that Anna will be more type B and Graham will be type A… but we will see.

As I think about “Island Time” I think back to the birth of this blog.  When I first started blogging I was gung ho about it.  I still am… I love doing it.  But when I first started it was my goal to post once a day.  If you look back to my first week of posting… I didn’t miss a day.  However… then I realized how much work it was to come up with a topic once a day and how much work it was to write a post.  This blog is a blessing to me.  I love to hear how it touches lives.  It has also been an instrument by God to get me through some difficult times in life.  However… with that said… it’s time to announce… from here on out… Procrastinating Tomorrow… runs on Island Time.  After all… it’s a blog centered around Procrastinators… should you really expect anything more?

So… what’s this mean?  Not much to be honest.  It just means that I may not be posting as often as I have over the past couple of months.  I will picture shooting for 3 posts per week. We will see how that works out… I just thought that I would give my readers a heads up.

Are you a type A person OR a type B person?

Runnin’ On Island Time

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