A New Reason to Love Aldi

It’s been a productive day in the Herald house.  Thanks to a neighbor lending me some tools to get some yard work done I was able to check numerous things off my To Do list. Oh yeah… and thanks for a break from the rain.

One of the things on the To Do List that our whole family got to participate in was grocery shopping.  The kids enjoy it and when they both want to go I figure I better go to help.  Graham’s a runner.  Well… with the break in rain and the beautiful day light hours we waited until after dinner to go shopping.  We love to shop at Aldi.  If you don’t have an Aldi near you… find one.  They’re amazing.  More groceries for less cash.  It’s cool experience from having to have a quarter deposit to get a shopping cart to having to bag your own groceries without bags.  You can buy bags… we do… but we bought the kind that we bring with us every time we go.  In the long run it’s cheaper not to mention eco friendly.  The quarter deposit for the carts is a brilliant way to get people to return their carts when they are finished with them.  I love the Aldi experience… not to mention their “generic brands” are really good.

Tonight… I discovered a new reason to love Aldi thanks to my beautiful wife.  We were shopping when we discovered a lady and her teenage daughter discussing things they needed to put back so they could have enough money for gas.  My wife asked me if I had some cash to give this lady.  She’s pretty awesome like that.  But I didn’t.  So I walked up to the lady and said, “Ma’am, are you needing to put some items back?” She was very humble and really didn’t say much.  She said, “Well ya… but it’s okay.”  I think she was still thinking about the items in her cart that she had to do without so she could get gas.  I asked her what were the things she needed to put back.  She listed off a few items and said, “I think that’s enough.”  I said to her… ” I would like to buy those items for you.”  She was kind and said, “You don’t have to do that” but I insisted.  I grabbed the items and reached into her cart and grabbed one more.  I then walked up to the counter and purchased those things with my debit card and requested the cashier to place them in the lady’s cart.  The total… $6.49.  I walked past the lady and said, “You have a nice evening ma’am” and with tears in her eyes she said, “Thank you”.

I don’t say this to pat myself or my wife on the back for that matter.  I say this because on our way out my wife says “Aldi is an awesome place to do ministry.”  I said, “Really? How so?”.  Like I hadn’t just experienced it first hand.  “She said well like tonight but also I love to give my quarter away when I take my cart back and let someone have my cart.  I love it when they stick out their hand to give you their quarter and I say, keep it. Little things like that, besides I could tell that lady didn’t have much that she had to put back and I love how diligent she was being.” I neglected to mention that the lady had a calculator keeping a close tally on her bill.  I probably could have been more “intentional” about how I ministered to this lady. I didn’t mention Jesus’ name. All I did was planted a seed.  But really… I think… what if I did mention Jesus’ name?  What would I expect to accomplish there? Would I expect her to kneel down and accept Christ there in the middle of Aldi?  No… probably not.  But then again… it couldn’t have hurt.

Compassion is love in action.  Jesus showed us how to do this.  In Mark 6:34 it says “Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.”  Like sheep without a shepherd… this saying reminds me of James 1:27.  “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” Orphans… we are orphans… adopted by a King.  Thank the Lord for compassion!

Compassion insists that you live for today.  Jesus did.  Do you?

Find a place that you can do ministry this week… and live for each day this week.

Then…. tell us about it.

A New Reason to Love Aldi

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