Tornados… Weddings… and Man Time

There are so many things to blog about on this day in history, April 29th, 2011.  How does one blogger choose from all that is going on in the world to invade the bloggosphere with? Well… today… I will do my best.  A bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do.

I tried my best at a collage of photos of all the events that I could mention today.  On the far left… you’ve go the number of tornadoes that have been reported from April 19 to April 24.  The storms this spring have been crazy.  Where I live… the tornadoes aren’t as much of the issue as the flooding is. Seriously… someone hit the drain and “sink this water” as my kids call it when they are done with their tubs.

Then of course there’s the Royal Wedding Whackos.  Hey… don’t blame me.. going to bed last night my wife accused me of being as “whacky” as the “Royal Wedding Whackos”  because I wanted to finish watching the NFL Draft.  You know?  The people that woke up at 4 AM to watch a wedding in England?  I know one person that feels the same way as I do about the whole thing… this little girl circled in the picture above.  She happens to be the Prince’s goddaughter.  The Prince that got married… Harry… wait… William… no that’s not it… Charles… that’s it… Charles. Prince Charles’ goddaughter.  Okay, okay I know… it’s Prince William’s goddaughter… I just wanted to have a little fun.

Then… there was the occasion that allowed me to have some much needed… Man Time… the NFL Draft.  My Detroit Lions did well.  They got another monster to plug up the middle… Nick Fairley… teamed up along side Ndamukong Suh (thank you Google for helping me with that spelling) will be great to watch… if the Lions ever play on television… well… at least I can watch them on Thanksgiving… for now.  Man Time was great.  My friend Kyle (My little hero‘s dad) had some of the guys over to watch the first round.  That was a lot of fun… now… if only we get to watch these young men play in the 2011 NFL season… that would be great.

You know what I realized this morning as I read Hebrews Chapter 10? None of this matters… here’s what does…

10 For God’s will was for us to be made holy by the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ, once for all time. 11 Under the old covenant, the priest stands and ministers before the altar day after day, offering the same sacrifices again and again, which can never take away sins. 12 But our High Priest offered himself to God as a single sacrifice for sins, good for all time…

We tend to get wrapped up in junk.  Junk that keeps us from living for today.  Junk like Tornadoes… Royal Weddings… and the NFL Draft.  Those things are good things.  They entertain us.  But let’s not allow entertainment to prevent us from living for today.  Today… as the world’s events unfold in front of our eyes… let’s remember that today… we can live… because Jesus died.

The things I have listed are only a few things that often get in my way of living for today (well maybe not royal weddings) … what about you?

What entertains you?

Tornados… Weddings… and Man Time

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