Fast and Furious 18

Very seldom do movie sequels work out.  So why did they think another Fast and Furious was a good idea?  That’s a great question.  I have not seen the latest Fast and Furious… the first one was enough for me.  However… I did get to participate in my own version of the Fast and the Furious this past weekend and I would love to share my experience with you… but probably only because that pink slip above is only a warning.

As you have probably noticed I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging recently.  This past weekend I really need some R and R so I decided to take a break… and a break I took.  It was fantastic.  My mom and dad gave my wife and I a great gift for our birthdays… they sent us to a little resort / Bed and Breakfast for a night while they watched the kids for us.  Check out Heartland Lodge’s website…  it really was refreshing.  We didn’t get into the ATVs and Horseback riding.  We discussed that if we were to ever do it again we would probably like to go with another couple or so to enjoy all that other stuff with… but then we decided that at that point we may as well rent a cottage of our own… then again… we would miss out on the food… oh the food at Heartland Lodge… now I know where the expression “makes you want to slap yo mama” came from… wow… it really was that good.  I’m sure that there will be more pictures to come from my wife and I’s mini-vacation as we called it.  If you follow either one of us on Facebook I am sure you have seen some of them all ready.

One thing about Heartland Lodge is the communal dinning experience.  It’s like one big family for meal time.  Kinda cool… kinda creepy… but oh so yummy.  Just like at home… dinner time… 6 PM sharp.  My wife and I decided to take a stroll… in my dad’s car have you… before dinner.  We had some spots in mind to hit up so we went out about 5 PM knowing we wouldn’t have much time.  Well on Illinois 96 right outside of Pleasant Hill, IL I passed a police car.  I thought I was going fast so I hit the breaks and proceeded to drive into Pleasant Hill.  The cop car didn’t turn around so I thought I was safe… that was until I heard the siren on the other side of Pleasant Hill.  The officer walked up to my dad’s car and I immediately said, “Dude, I’m sorry I didn’t see you back there.”  I thought… did I really just call a police officer “dude”.  Yes I did.  I have this thing about the presence of authority.  I go blank.  Start shaking.  Fidgeting.  Stu stu studdering. You get the picture.  One time I was just trying to cross into Canada on our way to Boston and the guy asked me why I was so nervous.  I don’t get it.  I respect authority.  But sometimes… policemen… boarder patrol… mall security… for some reason intimidate me.    Even after I called this respectable police officer “dude” I clammed up.  My wife is whispering the answers to his questions in my ear and I am still managing to answer wrong.

As the police officer walked back to the vehicle I noticed… the pink slip… then as soon as he got back to the car… he says “I have a written warning here for you.” Shew… a relief… just a warning… I thought.  Then he says, “No need to do anything with it… feel free to throw it away.” Nice!  But then I thought… no… I have to share this with the blogoshere.  Oh… but it gets better… as Tanya and I discussed telling my dad… she’s getting her purse out of his backseat… she found a yellow slip… speeding warning from the Illinois State police.  She says, “Like Father… Like Son.”  Mine was 10 mph over… his was only 9.  Either way… Herald’s have lead feet.

Thanks again mom and dad for the awesome mini-vacation… we loved it.

Do you have any Fast and Furious stories?  Let’s add on to the sequels.

Fast and Furious 18

6 thoughts on “Fast and Furious 18

  1. Mom says:

    Your Pop may not be so happy to read on here that you told the world about his warning. I’ll let you tell him. Love you and glad you had a good mini vacation.

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