Down… But Not Out

I took this picture with my cell phone a couple of weeks ago.  This is my yard.  In fact sometimes I park my truck here.  I haven’t parked it there in awhile though for a couple of reasons… one reason… exhibit “A”.  Another reason… well it’s a bit of a sore subject.  You see… our electric company decided to replace some hardware under the ground that runs across all the backyards on my side of the street that I live on.  This required them to make a mess of my backyard… and yes… even my side yard.  I suppose that they had to get their enormous equipment back there but still… please… fix the mess you made.  Didn’t your mother’s teach you to clean up after yourselves?

Well… this sore subject brings me to last evening.  The evening was beautiful… night… not so much.  Anyways… I was out cooking on the grill when my son… Graham… fell… in the mess the guys that don’t know how to clean up after themselves had made.  He was upset because he was muddy but he was also hurt.  He had hurt his knee.  I think he’s okay… but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna milk it for all it’s worth.  Even this morning… he was limping a bit.  I asked what was wrong… he said “my knee still hurts”.  He’s just like his father… just ask my college friends.

This morning I read this verse in my devotions… Proverbs 24:16
Though a righteous man falls seven times, he will get up, but the wicked will stumble into ruin.

This verse reminded me of a few things… first… we’re gonna get knocked down… but also… we’ve gotta get back up.  Where ever you are in life… no matter what is going on around you… if you find yourself on the ground… I hope you can find the strength to get back up.  That strength comes from God.  Strength to live for today.

When you get knocked down… what helps you get up?

Down… But Not Out

One thought on “Down… But Not Out

  1. Susan says:

    When I get “Knocked down” , I first of all go to God. But I most often go to a trusted friend, one who lets me whine, and throw myself a pity party. One who will sympathize with me, and maybe even be on “my side”. And once I have that out of my stystem….I’m fine. I get a listening ear from my friends, but I agree with you…I get my strength from God. I wonder sometimes….Does HE ever get tired of hearing me moan and groan….”poor pitiful me”? I don’t think so. I think it would bother Him more if we DIDN’T take our hurts to Him. Aren’t we so very lucky?

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