Fishers of Men

I’m not quite sure this is what Jesus had in mind when He said that He would make his disciples “fishers of men”.  However… this is probably my favorite group picture of all time.  Not just because of the group… but because of the humor found in the picture.

This past weekend our student ministry went on a retreat.  We had a blast… as you can see.  We learned new games together… we learned new songs together… we study Scripture together… we shared stories… we shared ideas.  I love these types of trips because of the team building that takes place.  It makes me wish that  I could take everyone in our ministry with us so we can all grow together.

Our theme for the weekend was “deeper”.  We definitely studied God’s word together in a way that went deeper.  There were 3 thoughts that I took from our weekend that I want to share with you… plus… I want to share this hilarious photo.

First… to go deeper… you must seek Him.  If you want to go deeper with God… you have to find out what He wants from you.  I can’t tell you exactly what that is… you have to seek Him to find that out.  David sought God’s direction well.  Even after he defeated Goliath and the Philistine army… the next time he had to deal with the Philistines… he still sought God.  Our seeking after God must be persistent.

Second… to go deeper… you must obey Him.  God always rewards obedience.  Obey Him.  Find out what He wants from you… and do it.  You won’t be happier… I promise you that.

Third… to go deeper… you much have faith.  Faith like Elijah.  Faith that calls out other gods and says… your god has nothing on my God, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Faith moves mountains.  Faith says my God can do the impossible.  When you learn to believe that to the point of exercising it… you grow… as a child of God… as a disciple.

That is what I took from this weekend.  Plus… now our students are encouraging each other to get into God’s Word.  That’s pretty cool to see.

What does your faith tell others about your God?

Fishers of Men

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