A Source for Cheap Family Fun

When I was younger my brother and I would always try to come up with games that we could play together.  That was one of the joys of having a little brother… even when he would beat you at them.  One of our favorites for in the house was knee football.  Pretty simple… just throw the ball to the other guy from your knees while they are on there knees and then tackle the other guy trying to prevent him from getting past you for a “touchdown”.  Our games really were not that creative.  Just fun. Dangerous (somewhat). Competitive.

These days in home games are insanely creative thanks to a television show called Minute to Win It.  This weekend my student ministry is going on a retreat.  One of the many things that I have had to do in preparing for this retreat is to come up with some games that are appropriate… fun… and inexpensive.  The best source to find games like this is http://www.nbc.com/minute-to-win-it/how-to/. Last year was our first year using Minute To Win It games and they loved it. Their favorite is Pencil Bowling.  Roll a marble to knock over a pencil.  We do it with a person on each side of the pencil that way the roll the marble back and forth until you have a winner.

Families over the place are getting in on the fun.  Check out this article on how families are ripping off games from Minute to Win It and using them for their benefit.  Need a family night idea?  Go to the Minute To Win It “how to” site (above)… choose some games that you already have the materials for or can pick up at the store… see who can complete the “task” first. If your family is anywhere near as competitive as mine is… the competition will be enough to keep you entertained for awhile.

I hope you can use this resource to help you stop procrastinating that family time.

What has been your favorite family night idea for you and your family?

A Source for Cheap Family Fun

One thought on “A Source for Cheap Family Fun

  1. Susan says:

    When I was little my 2 brothers and my sister and I used to play with a box of “Chinese Fortune Sticks” … none of us know where they came from,nor do I know whatever happened to them, but we sure loved to play with them. You shake out a stick (with a number on it) and look up the corresponding number in a booklet. That tells you your “fortune”. Of course, I didn’t know what a fortune was, but it was sure fun shaking that cannister! And theoretically you were only suppoed to pick one stick a day…but we took turns shaking and reading over, and over again! Very recently, at one of our monthly “Sibling breakfasts”, after we were all seated at the restaurant, and the waitress had taken our orders, my younger brother leaned back, reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out…..you guessed it. A cannister of Chinese Fortune Sticks! We all had a good laugh, and a few moments of nostalgia as we remembered playing with those silly things some 50 years ago. I don’t think most kids nowadays actaully play games that you have to sit at a table or on the floor to play…AND that requires no electricity or remotes! Am i showing my age??? But even though our game wasn’t the best choice, it sure brought us a lot of quality time together, and many, many laughs.

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