The Love of My Life

I’ve had many loves in my life… The Michigan Wolverines… The Chicago Cubs… Italian Food… Erica Craft (my Kindergarten crush)… Baseball… and Football.  But none of these loves are like the one that I want to write about today.  You see… except for Italian Food… all those other things have let me down.  But not this one…

She is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.  She fills my heart.  She has the ability to crush my soul and build it back up in the same breath. No one else can do that.  She knows everything about me… and yet she still loves me.  Don’t ask me how I landed someone so beautiful… it’s a mystery that only proves the miracles of God.  There is no one else on this earth that I would rather walk through life with other than this girl.

She has given me the most precious gifts in the entire universe.  Our children are an extension of the love that we have for each other.  When I look at them… I see her… I see me… I see us.  They have her qualities that I often wish I had… yes… even her OCD.  Our kids are the greatest thing anyone could ever give me… and she is the only person that could.  I love them… because I love her  (that’s not the only reason).

Today is my wife Tanya’s Birthday.  I dedicate this post to her.  She completes me.

Anna and Graham have a little birthday present that they would like to give her in this post.  So baby… this video is from your kids… they love you and hope that your birthday is extra special… remember… if it’s your birthday or not… Today is the Day.

The Love of My Life

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