Friends Are Friends Forever

Yeah that’s right… I just went Micheal W. Smith 1997 on you.  Get over it.

Monday was a really good day for me.  My dad came to town and the family got to eat lunch with him.  Then a good friend of mine, Matthew Breeden was passing through town so he stopped for awhile to get caught up. He and his wife along with some other friends of ours are traveling the country raising support for a church plant that launches sometime in June. They even drove out of their way a little bit to come see me.  We had a blast just getting caught up on life and chatting about the exciting things God is doing in his life.

I respect Matt.  I always have… even in college.  Matt went on to get his masters degree in biblical counseling after undergrad.  I went on and got married and became a student minister.  One thing I noticed about Matt this Monday was… he’s a great counselor.  He asks all the right questions.  We need friends like that.  Friends that know the right questions to ask… and aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions.  I can’t say how much I needed his questions.  His presence was great… but the things he said… spoke to my heart.

We all have different types of friends.  Friends that we minister to.  Friends that minister to us.  Friends that we can make laugh.  Friends that make us laugh. Friends that encourage our procrastination.  Friends that motivate us to live for today.  Bottom line… we all need friends.  Solomon tells us to be careful who those friends are in the book of Proverbs.

I’m so thankful for friends like Matt and Michelle.  Friends that encourage me and hopefully I encourage them.  They’re headed to Austin to start a church this summer.  Please remember to keep them in your prayers and go check them out on the web @  They’re gonna rock Austin for Jesus.

Who is that friend in your life that knows exactly how and when to encourage you?

Call them up today… tell them thank you.

This post is dedicated to ALL my 3rd Floor Smith brothers. Where ever you are whatever you’re doing… I hope you’re rockin it for Jesus.

Friends Are Friends Forever

2 thoughts on “Friends Are Friends Forever

  1. […] Well… this sore subject brings me to last evening.  The evening was beautiful… night… not so much.  Anyways… I was out cooking on the grill when my son… Graham… fell… in the mess the guys that don’t know how to clean up after themselves had made.  He was upset because he was muddy but he was also hurt.  He had hurt his knee.  I think he’s okay… but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna milk it for all it’s worth.  Even this morning… he was limping a bit.  I asked what was wrong… he said “my knee still hurts”.  He’s just like his father… just ask my college friends. […]

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