Job 37

This morning I woke up to a pretty crazy storm.  One of those storms where you can hear the hail hit the window. But the hail storm was nothing like this…

Sometimes… I feel like the swimming pool in the video above.  I feel like I’m getting pelted by hail in the storms of life.
I found it fitting this morning that as I read my Scripture for today, this is what the first 5 verses said:
Job 37:1-5
“My heart pounds as I think of this.
It trembles within me.
2 Listen carefully to the thunder of God’s voice
as it rolls from his mouth.
3 It rolls across the heavens,
and his lightning flashes in every direction.
4 Then comes the roaring of the thunder—
the tremendous voice of his majesty.
He does not restrain it when he speaks.
5 God’s voice is glorious in the thunder.
We can’t even imagine the greatness of his power.

This passage is Elihu speaking to Job. I can imagine Job sitting there thinking… really?  You’re gonna tell ME about the storms of life? Really?
But I believe even Job could recognize the truth of verse 5… this is the verse the resonated in my heart this morning. God’s voice is still in the storm and as He speaks… His voice is powerful. Here is a great post on Steven Furtick’s blog about power and strength…please do yourself a favor and check it out.

God’s power is in the storms of life and His power is what give you strength to make it through. When we make it through… He is seen as glorious.  God’s desire is for your storms of life to look something like this…

When storms in life come… it’s easy to get bitter… angry… jealous of others… and down right hateful.  I hope that we can use Job as an example of what God’s desire is for us in midst of our storms… to be glorious.

When was the last time you gave God glory for a storm in your life?
Now’s your chance…

Job 37

2 thoughts on “Job 37

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks so much for the blog post, and especially for the link. I could identify with both. I try very hard to pray through my “storms”. It’s not always easy, but such a joy when you get to the other side, look back, and see that you had help all the way through. Love your posts! (No wonder your Mama is so proud of you!)

    1. Susan-
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Ya… I guess my mom is a pretty proud woman when it comes to her kids and grand kids. I do my best to give her something to be proud of. But I’m finding out more and more that it’s not I but Christ in me.

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