A Story of God’s Provision

Luke 12:6-7 6 Aren’t five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God’s sight. 7Indeed, the hairs of your head are all counted. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows!

Not gonna lie… the Herald family has had a tough go at it over the past couple of weeks.  However, to avoid your search for your violin… I will spare you the details.

This post is a story of how God provides for us. How He uses us and blesses us when we are used.

A couple of weeks ago Tanya went to wash something for Anna.  The weather had gotten cold again so she was washing her pee stained “UGG boots” or as Tanya calls them “FUGG boots” because they are Fake UGGs… yes.. you read that right… pee stained.  You see… Anna has a little brother that just wrapped up his potty training. We’re so proud of him.  Only a couple of weeks ago… he put on his sister’s boots and went out side.  It was so cute… sissy’s boots… shorts… and a sweatshirt. Then… ya… he had an accident.  Anna took it surprisingly well.  The problem… the boots got put off in the corner… until the weather took a turn.  So… Tanya puts the boots in the washer and we head out… we get home an hour later to a laundry room full of water. Good news though… the boots were clean.

Fast forward about a week.  Last Thursday… Daddy’s Day Off… Laundry Day… ya… that’s right…. I do the laundry in my house.  What can I say?  I love my wife.
The problem was… I had forgotten about the leak in the washer.  Oh ya… Graham had happened to have another accident in bed the night prior.  His bedding had to get washed.  So… I went out… first stop… laundry mat.  Did you know that it cost $2 a load just to wash your clothes these days?  Boy… my college budget is glad it only had to pay 75 cents back in the day. How old to I sound!?!?!?  Then I went to ask some good friends about “washer repair”.  No luck.  I had gotten the name of one guy… so I called him.  But first… one of my friends stopped by my house.  He dropped off an envelope.  In it there was $300 with a note that said, “Adam, I like to have clean clothes too.”  My wife and I broke down… well… more like I broke down.  My wife… she instantly began shopping for a great deal.  She found one.  She discovered that Lowe’s does price matching.  She we printed out the “price match guarantee” and headed to our nearest Lowe’s. We discovered that there are some stipulations to the “price match guarantee”.  However… our salesman, John… was awesome.  He didn’t feel comfortable selling the brand of the deal that Sears was offering.  It was a $899 washing machine on sale for $499. Instead, John looked at the “damaged appliances”.  He found a Maytag with a “dent” on the left side (the side that lines up to the dryer). This had been marked down from $999 to $729. He price matched that one for us.  We managed to purchase a $999 washing machine for a total of $536 after taxes. Wow! Thank you, Jesus.

Oh ya… the week before… at church… a good friend of ours… shook my hand… in his hand shake he held 2 Benjamin Franklins.  Even the week before our God began to provide for our need.  As you can see from the picture above… even the kids like to help with laundry now.

And as for my friend that God used to provide for us… he called me the other day.  He said “Remember that $300 I gave you?”  I said, “ya?” He said… “I really didn’t have that money to give you.  But I did because I felt lead by God to do so.”  He went on to tell me how God had blessed him with more work for the week and that the payout was greater than the the blessing God used in my life.  Beyond that… he told me about how someone had owed him some money.  The debtor showed up and payed him $500.

Seriously !?!?!?!  How great is our God!?!?!?!  Why are we surprised by this?  He promises us in His Word that we are worth more that the sparrow that He provides for.  When God fulfills His promises… we shouldn’t be shocked… shock often paralyzes us… instead… we should be grateful.

As for that repair man… well… obviously we went in another direction… but only because God had provided another way.  I am also happy to report… since the “midnight accident” Graham has been accident free.  We’re so proud of Him.

When was the last time God gave you opportunity to be grateful?

Did you respond with shock or gratitude?

Note- A special thank you goes out to all the people God used in this story. You know who you are.

A Story of God’s Provision

2 thoughts on “A Story of God’s Provision

  1. Kyle Rose says:

    There is no doubt that God provides. With everything that has gone on with Addy, my family is a living testament. It’s not just money. He provides hope, strength, support, love, wisdom and a million other things. The funny thing is it almost seems like it comes out of thin air. People say that miracles don’t happen anymore. I say, THEY HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!! We just have to be open enough to see them.

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