A Gut Check for Pastors

Not only do I enjoy blogging…. but I also enjoy reading blogs.  I have stumbled upon some good ones that I really enjoy and make sure that I go to as often as I am online.  Blogs like… Stuff Christians Like and Ragamuffin Soul and Steven Furtick’s Blog.

There are also blogs that I check out from time to time but not every day.  Some of those blogs are the blogs at www.xxxchurch.com as well as Love Is An Orientation.  I think that if you check out those blogs you will understand why I don’t go to those every day. They can be somewhat controversial.  Another “controversial blog” that I have stumble upon is Rachel Even’s blog.  She has written a book entitled, “Evolution in Monkey Town”.  It’s about growing up in Dayton, Tennessee the same town that the Scopes Monkey Trial took place in.    I have not read her book… it looks interesting to me.  In spite of being an “emergent” thought.

From her blog last month I discovered something called the Epic Fail Pastor’s Conference.  This conference inspired Rachel to write a letter to pastors.  I felt it was good enough to share on my blog.

I would like to state this is not directed toward any specific pastor or church in my life. This is simply something worth sharing and so… I share…

Dear Pastors,

Tell us the truth.

Tell us the truth when you don’t know the answers to our questions, and your humility will set the example as we seek them out together.

Tell us the truth about your doubts, and we will feel safe sharing our own.

Tell us the truth when you get tired, when the yoke grows too heavy and the hill too steep to climb, and we will learn to carry one another’s burdens because we started with yours.

Tell us the truth when you are sad, and we too will stop pretending.

Tell us the truth when your studies lead you to new ideas that might stretch our faith and make us uncomfortable, and those of us who stick around will never forget that you trusted us with a challenge.

Tell us the truth when your position is controversial, and we will grow braver along with you.

Tell us the truth when you need to spend time on your marriage, and we will remember to prioritize ours.

Tell us the truth when you fail, and we will stop expecting perfection.

Tell us the truth when you think that our old ways of doing things need to change, and though we may push back, the conversation will force us to examine why we do what we do and perhaps inspire something even greater.

Tell us the truth when you fall short, and we will drop our measuring sticks.

Tell us the truth when all that’s left is hope, and we start digging for it.

Tell us the truth when the world requires radical grace, and we will generate it.

Tell us the truth even if it’s surprising, disappointing, painful, joyous, unexpected, unplanned, and unresolved, and we will learn that this is what it means to be people of faith.

Tell us the truth and you won’t be the only one set free.


The Congregation


What do you want your pastor to be honest about?

– Adam

A Gut Check for Pastors

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