What Hollywood’s Missing…

I have a confession… I never really liked the classic Ten Commandments flick starring  Charelton Heston as Moses.  Maybe it goes back to my childhood when my dad’s love for classic John Wayne movies always won the battle for the clicker.  Not to necessarily compare Charelton Heston to John Wayne but to say that the older movies never really caught my attention. Then again… I was just a kid with not much appreciation for the classics.

I do believe Hollywood was onto something with The Ten Commandments… Bible Stories are very entertaining.  Now… please… don’t think that I only say that because I am an evangelical Christian.  I believe that I say this out of a love for entertainment.  I mean come on… when I was introduced to most of these stories it was on a flannel graph board.  Flannel graph entertaining?  Uh… I don’t think so.

I’ve been studying the book of Job over the past few weeks.  I’ve fallen in love with it.  I have a much greater appreciation for the man that Job was.  But seriously… could you imagine a movie about Job?  I imagine it would look something like a cross between Meet the Parents and Evan Almighty.  You know the movies where nothing seems to go right?  The movies that almost make you mad because some moron can’t seem to do anything right?  Not that Job was a moron… he was far from it.  But I am sure that his friends that kept accusing him of sin didn’t think so.  Besides… who wouldn’t want to see Hollywood’s take on what Leviathan and Behemoth would be?

I have many stories from God’s Word that as I read I find myself saying… “This would make an awesome movie”.  Not a Ten Commandments type movie but a 21st Century Blockbuster hit type movie.

What Bible stories would you like see made into a movie?

What Hollywood’s Missing…

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