An Anna Story for Your Day

Anna in true form.

Sometimes…. I just need an Anna story.  Today I share one with you.

Many of you may know this if you follow my wife on facebook.  If you do… I apologize for the redundancy.  I felt that it was too precious not to share.

Last night my wife (the Bostonian) was “giving my kids a tub”.  For us from the Midwest… she was giving my kids a bath.  Well my kids have this obsession…. loading the bathtub with too many toys.  Graham is forever wanting to put his Nerf football in the tub with him.  He just doesn’t understand what the result would be.  So last night… my wife was putting the kids in the tub and they are telling her how much they want to load the tub up with all their toys.  My lovely wife… tells my kids… “some kids do not have any toys at all.”  My precious daughter Anna responds…. “Oh like in Kentucky?”

A bit of a background… my kid’s day care provider is moving…. to Kentucky.  I think Anna thinks they are  going to be missionaries there.

Oh how I love my kids.  I love to share their stories.  They are a blessing to me… I pray that this story is a blessing to you.

Do you have any stories about your kids that would brighten someone’s day?

Please share….


An Anna Story for Your Day

6 thoughts on “An Anna Story for Your Day

      1. Laurie Gelo says:

        WHATEVER. It is a New England thing. Andy can’t help it if he grew up in the way back woods of Maine. He didn’t get out much as a kid. Don’t blame him.

  1. percolatingprojects says:

    “I think Anna thinks they are going to be missionaries there.” I literally just snorted. So funny. I didn’t even make that connection to daycare…duh!

    1. I told our day care provider this morning when I dropped Graham off that I thought Anna thinks they are going to be missionaries. When I said it…. I had no idea that thought would make it to my blog. It did…. and I’m glad it made you snort…. I only wish I would have been there.

  2. […] I tried my best at a collage of photos of all the events that I could mention today.  On the far left… you’ve go the number of tornadoes that have been reported from April 19 to April 24.  The storms this spring have been crazy.  Where I live… the tornadoes aren’t as much of the issue as the flooding is. Seriously… someone hit the drain and “sink this water” as my kids call it when they are done with their tubs. […]

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