Complete Abandonment

I saw this screen shot on a blog that I love to follow a few weeks ago.  In fact, I think it was before I had begun Procrastinating Tomorrow.   This image is powerful.  We can learn so much from it.  I love it.

On Sunday… I posted a video of a song called Still.  As I look at the image above I don’t see stillness…. I see hostility.  That is… until I look closer.  When I look closer…. I see people that know what stillness looks like.  They know what stillness looks like because they know God.

Psalm 46:10 says:
“Be still, and know that I am God!
I will be honored by every nation.
I will be honored throughout the world.

Here is a glimpse at what that word “still” means in the original language.  I want you to notice under “d” of that definition the word “abandon”.  When I see this image above I see complete abandonment…. stillness.

What does stillness look like in your life right now?

What area of your life do you need complete abandonment?

Stop procrastinating letting it go.  Give it to God…. and be still.

As we strive to live for today… let us be still… and know…. He is God.

Complete Abandonment

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