The Jelly Bean Effect


Maybe it’s the jelly beans speaking.  Maybe it’s the holiness of the holiday making it seems like the sugar is harmless to my figure. Maybe it’s the innocence of the Easter Bunny or the fluffiness of the Peeps.  Whichever it is…. Easter candy is the best holiday candy of the year.

Over the past few weeks my family and I have been exploring the wide world of …. jelly beans.  They are sooo good.  I blame this on a tweet that I read one day that mentioned how good Starburst jelly beans were. I had eaten Starburst jelly beans before but as soon as I read that tweet…. I had to have some.  It was like I was pregnant for a second or something.  The problem is that second has lasted a few weeks.  Now here I am blogging about jelly beans.  Next thing you know I will be enrolling in a five step program. Here is a list of the jelly beans I have consumed… Jolly Rancher, Lifesavers, Starburst, Sour Patch, Dollar Store Speckled, Nerds, and Mike and Ike.  We only left out Jelly Bellies and SweeTarts.  SweeTarts jelly beans are good but we had a lot of those last year so we skipped those.  And… Jelly Bellies… well… let’s face it… they are in a league of their own.  We skipped those because they are in the “gourmet” category and we’d like to just keep this as basic as possible. Besides you can buy those year round and this is to celebrate Easter…. in a completely non-meaningful way.

The purpose of this post is to write about my experience over the past few weeks with jelly beans.  I do it for one reason…. to help you make sure that you don’t fill your kids Easter baskets this year with junk jelly beans…. they deserve the best.

I discovered that there almost needs to be categories for jelly beans.  For example my favorite single color jelly bean is the red one made by Lifesavers. My favorite pink jelly bean was the Jolly Rancher… mmmm…. watermelon. Then you have the non-traditional jelly beans like Nerds and Sour Patch. Both of which are delicious.  I have given you a few of my favorite single jelly beans but now it’s time for my list of top five Easter jelly beans:

#5- Nerds…..This was a close one but they are just a tad too non-traditional to make my top 3.

#4- LifeSavers….. Mainly because they have my favorite over all single jelly bean… the red cherry and the green apple is good too.

#3 – Starburst…… Not one single Starburst jelly bean stands out head and shoulders above the rest but when you compare the over all flavors, they are definitely top 3 worthy.

#2- Sour Patch…. If there is a non-traditional jelly bean you have to have it’s this one.  Taste just like Sour Patch Kids.  But they come with a warning…. too many of these and your mouth will be hurting.

And MY #1 over all Easter jelly bean is…….. Mike and Ike….  The main reason for this is because they are the most tasty while maintaining the most normalcy of a jelly bean.  These reminded me of the round spiced jelly beans I got in my Easter basket as a kid in their size and shape…. yet they taste like Mike and Ikes.  I found these are K-Mart.  Mike and Ike successfully made me wish Hot Tamales made jelly beans.

What Easter jelly bean do you like the most?

What is your favorite single jelly bean?

What is your favorite over all jelly bean?

What is your favorite Easter Candy?


P.S. Stay away from the Dollar Store Speckled.  That was a mistake.  Remember kids…. you get what you pay for… even with jelly beans.

The Jelly Bean Effect

2 thoughts on “The Jelly Bean Effect

  1. Deni Howerton says:

    I made the trip to Sam’s today, but sadly, no Nerd’s Jelly Beans in stock—yet! I need to go back soon!

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