The Prize

Walmart has everything... even blue bikes!
He earned it.
Gotta Keep him safe.
Quality time with sis.

Well mommy and daddy paid up.  We found the perfect blue bike… and it’s Spiderman.  We didn’t even have to leave town to find it which surprised us. Sometimes we give our kids “prizes” for doing things that they should do anyway.  Sometime we give them “prizes” for something that we want them to do… that is call bribery… not always a good idea.  The reward of your kids really earning something has so many advantages. It teaches them discipline and teaches them the principle of a wage.  Anytime kids earn something…. it means more.  I have some parenting advice… not that I am good at it…. let your kids earn it… whatever “it” is. It will mean so much more to them.  Then when they earn it…. enjoy it… together.  We had a blast as a family today enjoying what Graham had earned.

When was the last time you made your kids earn something?
What did they do to earn it?
What was the reward?



The Prize

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