ConfessionsOfADayOff – March Madness Edition

I thought I would attempt to write a post about March Madness, procrastination, living for today, and family without checking in my man card…. wish me luck.

Did you know that the week that March Madness begins is the most popular time for men to sign up to join the “V club”? What is the “V club” you ask? The “V club” is made up of men that have had a vasectomy.  That’s right… the majority of men that get this procedure done plan this procedure around March Madness. Not a bad idea if you are going to have this procedure done if you ask me.

“The Big Dance” begins today… ladies consider yourselves warned.  My confession of a day off today is that never before have I been more grateful to have my day off on Thursday. But there’s a small problem.  You see…. my son Graham has been working really hard on something… going number 1 and number 2 where he’s supposed to… the potty.  His mommy and I promised him that if he could go a week without an accident that we would buy him a blue bike.  He did it. It’s time to pay up.

Basketball starts at 11 am today.  I know some guys that will be in front of their television sets all day long.  Hints the reason to join the “V club”. But today I want to warn us men…. March Madness is not worth the sacrifice of family time. Don’t procrastinate family time for basketball. Procrastinate basketball for family time.  It’s called having priorities.

When mommy gets home from school… we’re paying up.  Then we’re going to a big parking lot where Graham and Anna can ride to their hearts content.  Basketball can wait.

What are you sacrificing your family for?  Whatever it is…. it’s NOT worth it.
What are you sacrificing for your family?  They ARE worth it.

On a less important note… who do you have in your Final Four?

ConfessionsOfADayOff – March Madness Edition

2 thoughts on “ConfessionsOfADayOff – March Madness Edition

  1. So proud of the Gman. Glad he finally figured out how to get his blue bike. Can’t wait to see pics of him and his big sister on their bikes. Proud of u too for skipping basketball for your family. Love u!

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