From Burden to Blessing

Doors…. there are all kinds of doors.  
Today…. doors are my inspiration.  How can a door inspire someone?  I’ll tell you how…. when it’s open.

I am a very proud person when it comes to my family.  I love them dearly.  But yesterday… I was more than proud…. I was delighted in my family.  Tanya wrote a post on her blog that brought me to tears.  In it she publicly released our home to the Lord.  I believe when we place ourselves in the hands of a great and good God…. blessings pour out as a result.  The blessings began last night.

We’ve always said our door is an open one.  But just because you open your door doesn’t mean that people come flocking to your home to be ministered to.  Don’t get me wrong…. we’ve had ministry.  We’ve had students pop in unannounced to our home… we love that.  For them to show us that they know they are welcomed at all times brings us great joy. But last night was different.

I’m not going to go into detail.  All I am going to say is that we have people in our lives that we minister to in a loving consistent way.  We pray for them… daily. We minister to them to the point that they become family.  This is what community is all about.  After all, if the family of God isn’t there for each other it’s not much of a family is it?  A lot of times we tell these folks that our door is open and all they say is, “I don’t want to be a burden.”  Last night… the wall of “being a burden” came crumbling down…. all because we had released our home earlier that day.

In Joshua 24:15, Joshua is addressing the Israelites telling them it’s time to choose who they are going to serve. At the end of that verse he claims…. “As for me and my house (family) we are going to serve the Lord.”
I read this verse and think… how can we serve the Lord if our door is closed?  I don’t know that we can.
I pray that the Herald home becomes a place of refuge for people that are hurting…. struggling…. weeping…. and desire healing.  If the door is closed that cannot happen.

Do you have a place you can run to in times of need?

Is your home that place of refuge for others?

Tell us your stories….

From Burden to Blessing

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