Gut Wrenching Reality

If any of you follow my wife on Facebook you may have already seen this picture.  When I saw it… I wept.
A picture like this doesn’t even need any words to go around it. It hits you in your chest and the vibrations from the blow produce tears in your eyes. Even as I type… I can’t imagine.  What if the lady in this picture were my wife? My daughter? My son?  It could be. It’s only by the grace of God that it’s not.
As I look at the headlines… I think…. why do I have to log on to the computer to see these images? Granted, I don’t want to see pictures like the one above often. In fact… never again.  But why isn’t the earthquake in Japan getting more coverage? Is it because we would rather see Charlie Sheen’s latest shenanigans?  Is it because we’d rather hear about Richmond’s chances at upsetting Vanderbilt in the NCAA Tournament?  Is it because this is what the media chooses not to feed us?  Is it because we’ve heard this story before from the people in Haiti?

Whatever the reason… we are in desperate need of perspective today.  There are people on the other side of the world that could care less about Charlie Sheen…. college basketball…. and the latest on the Beckham’s baby.  Instead they are searching for their loved ones. Their spouses.  Their children. Their parents. That ladies and gentlemen is perspective.

Let’s pray for Japan today.


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