It Starts with Me

This week our church is hosting a revival.  It began this morning.  The picture above illustrates what some people might think of when they picture a revival.  The old school tent revival…. oh the good ol’ days.  I don’t believe I have actually ever experienced an old school tent revival.  Revival on the other hand….. I’d like to think that I have.

If it’s an old school tent revival…… a 4 day revival beginning on Sunday morning and ending on Wednesday (like ours)….. or if it’s a personal revival in your own heart with no schedule. All revivals look different.  The word revival indicates renewal or rebirth…. a new life or new beginning. Revival is refreshing.

If I can be candid for a minute…. I struggled a little bit with our revival at our church tonight.  You see… our student ministry meets at my house on Sunday nights for discipleship.  Even though we had revival tonight I thought…. “What would it hurt to meet at my house tonight?”  I even said things like “Students won’t show up if we meet at the church”.  I’ve answered these thoughts in my head…. don’t worry, not out loud.  My conclusion…. if we meet at my house our church doesn’t experience revival. The reason is the students are a part of our church.  If I want my church to be revived…. it starts with the students….. it starts with me.

Truth of the matter is we all need revival.  Revival starts with us as individuals.

What does your revival look like?  Not your churches revival.  Not corporate  revival.  Your individual revival.
What needs to be revived in your life?



It Starts with Me

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