Mid-Day Cup-O-Joe

I’m letting out my artistic side in this post.  Everything you see above was done by yours truly.  Normally my wife helps me with this kind of thing.  For example… the bloody post picture was edited by her.  She added words to the picture and made it far better than I ever could have.  The picture of my bible this morning…. I took.  All the pictures above were taken by me as well. This new camera has brought out a new side of me and I’m really enjoying it.  I think my wife is enjoying it too.

The cup of coffee above was delicious.  But tonight is time change.  Spring ahead.  Lose an hour of sleep. Never a good thing when you’re an associate pastor and your job depends on you not sleeping in and missing church the next morning.  I’m wondering if this cup of joe was a mistake?  Will I lie awake in bed tonight because of its deliciousness?  Let’s hope not.

You’re welcome for the time change reminder by the way.

Do you drink coffee mid-day?  Does it keep you up at night?


Mid-Day Cup-O-Joe

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