High Def Blogging

Another late night post.  I need to break this cycle of procrastination.  Although it’s not really procrastination when you don’t get to your blog because you are busy.  I won’t get into the details of the last two days but they’ve been pretty crazy.

I mentioned in my post last night that we had done some shopping.  We did go to Old Navy.  But we also went to Creve Coeur Camera.  You see Tanya has had her eye on this wicked sweet camera…. the Nikon D3100 VR.  I don’t know a lot about cameras so I’m not going to even attempt to pretend like I do. However, I will say…. this camera is flippin sweet.

Here are a few sample shots of what it can do….


G-Man's Game Face
Anna's Hypnosis
I took this one and it still looks amazing.




Now if I can only figure out how to align them in my blog!  The plan was to get the picture of Braylen (my dog) next to the picture of Anna.  Hmmm…. We’ll work on that.

From here on out there will no longer have to be pictures taken with my smartphone. I am sure I will have moments that I will need to capture and my smartphone will be all that I have.  In those moments…. if they are blog worthy….. you’ll have to suffer through it.

Consider posts where I include pictures taken with our new camera to be HD (High Definition) posts.  Maybe that way I can keep all the guys attention….. High Def…. where?

When I started this blog my wife came to me and said… “You know babe…. if you want a great blog…. we need a better camera.”  She knows how to get to me.  She knew how bad I want to be good at this blogging thing.  She got to my heart.  That’s okay.  She’s my wife.  She’s supposed to.  Let’s face it…. we bought it for her as much as we did for me.  It’s an investment so she says. Memories that will last a life time…. in High Def.

I leave you with my favorite pictures taken from our new camera thus far —->

Me and my hottie

That’s right…. you now get me in High Def too.

What memories would like to share with us…. in high def?

High Def Blogging

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