A Bloody ConfessionOfADayOff

The past 7 hours have been relatively quite.  I mean as quite as a house can be with a 3 and 5 year old.  When I say house, I mean family.  Today we went shopping so Old Navy was Graham’s playground.  Last night and this morning were anything but quite.  In fact…. they were down right bloody.  Bloody as in actual blood…. not bloody as in British swear word. Although I am sure that could apply.

Let’s go back to about 8:30 pm Wednesday evening. The kids were in the bathroom brushing their teeth.  I was in my bedroom listening to the Salem Wildcats basketball team on the radio.  Mommy was in the kitchen or dinning room.  Earlier in the day…. mommy had done some decorating in the bathroom.  She brightened it up quite nicely.  One thing she did was hang a shelf and put a mirror with a white wooden frame on it.  While the kids were brushing their teeth our indoor / outdoor cat tried to run into the bathroom.  Graham (3 yrs old) slammed the door to keep the cat out and the mirror fell off the shelf and conked him in the noggin.

Screams. Stomps. Terror.  Me running. I pick him up. He buries his forehead in my shoulder.  He looks up and says, “Daddy, what’s that?” Blood had even gotten on my face. “Daddy, what’s that?”  I answered “Uh… it’s nothing son.”  I was surprised that answer satisfied him.  Tanya comes and looks.  The nurse in training (Tanya is going to nursing school) says “Stitches”.  E.R. it is.  Believe it or not 2 hours…. 2 staples…. and a chocolate milkshake later …..we were home.  Graham slept safe and sound that night….. in bed with mommy and daddy. The nurse in training said you can never be too safe.

Then there was today…. my series of dental visits came to a hopeful conclusion.  I had planned on writing a post about how unpleasant the dentist is.  But this post is getting lengthy.  So I will just say I went to the dentist today.  She “extracted” a tooth. Blood…. everywhere. (See picture above) Not a pleasant experience.  The dentist…. she was nice.  She did a great job.  But going to the dentist is never pleasant.  Next time you’re there look at the tools… listen to the sounds…. smell the smells.  Not pleasant at all.  Especially when they end as bloody as today did.

Remember to live for today….. even on the days that really stink.

When you have rough days…. because we all do….. what helps ease the pain?


A Bloody ConfessionOfADayOff

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